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Dallas Home Inspections Company is a premier consultation firm for Residential and Commercial Building Inspections and Reviews. We are located in the City of Lancaster, Texas and provide Inspection services to the DFW  Metroplex and surrounding areas. At Dallas Home Inspections Company, we strive to deliver a quality service that is backed by our knowledge and efficiency, while also developing trustworthy relationships with our clients and real estate professionals




Why use our services:

   *  Whether you are buying or selling you need someone to tell you the truth and be your adviser.

   *   We've performed over 50,000 inspections in the Dallas and Fort Worth region.

  *   We've been licensed as professional inspectors since 1999.

   *    We've set the standards for other companies to try to match.

Slab plumbing leak detected- saved our client 1,500.00

Residential Inspections




TREC Report Form


Contractual terms between the inspector and all parties including the client and Others

Dallas Home Inspections Company residential services are unmatched by any other inspection company . With the most qualified professionals in the industry to perform your inspections, Dallas Home Inspectors helps consumer every step of the way make the best decisions.

Your dedicated personal home inspector will take a close look at all functional aspects of the house to determine its performance. The inspector will test the operational status of all major systems, including plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling and check the roof, the foundation, and the exterior. The inspector's job is not to fix or warn you about potential issues but to take note of the property current conditions.

Partial List of Items inspected

- Foundation
- Grading and Drainage

- Roofing Materials

  • - Roof structure and Attic
    - Interior and Exterior Walls
  • - Ceilings and Floors
  • - Interior and Exterior Doors
  • - Windows
  • - Stairways
  • - Fireplaces
  • - Porches
  • - Main Electrical Panel
  • - Branch Circuits
  • - Heating System
  • - Cooling System
  • - Duct System
  • - Plumbing System
  • - Water heating System
  • - Appliances

Here’s what happens at the Inspection

Your inspector will turn all the lights and fans on the highest settings, set the oven to 350 degrees, set the dishwasher to normal and start the cycle, set the thermostat to the highest setting for heat and the lowest setting for cool, open and close all accessible windows, turn on all the plumbing fixtures and have them all running at the same time. While the property is at full electrical load, he will remove the electrical panel cover and carefully examine the circuits, breakers, connections, wiring, check for any overheating or improper wiring, all circuits will remain on for a extended period of time. All plumbing fixtures will be running water and commodes will be flushed repetitively for a extended period of time. The inspector will set up a ladder at any single-story access point of the roof and take pictures while walking the roof, pictures will be taken of all defects of the roof. The inspector will access any safe access to the attic and take pictures of any visible defects, such as insulation, roof supports, overlay materials, decking problems, signs of leaks, improper venting of any gas appliances or plumbing areas. If the HVAC unit is in the attic the inspector will closely examine all condense drains and look for any defect that may effect the operation. The heating and cooling systems may be switches back and forth to cycle the HVAC system thru multiple checks of operation and to check for airflow. The appliances are checked for proper operation and installation. The lighting, fans and random checking of room outlets are check for proper operation and any safety hazards. After a reasonable period of time the oven is checked for calibration of 350 degrees and the broil function is checked, all burners are check at the same time at highest setting and all safety and proper operation. All accessible doors, walls, ceilings and floors are checked, and pictures are taken of any defects of operation and performance. the inspector will make a study of the foundation, closely examining all and any signs of problems and indication of past or current problems. The inspector will take in consideration all the finding of the interior and exterior in analyzing the condition of the foundation. Our inspectors can typically find some indications of past foundation repairs and make our clients aware of those signs. I some cases our inspectors have found indications of possible damaged or broken lines beneath the slab that most all other inspection company either pay no attention to or are unable to detect because of a lack of training or experience.  Once the inspector finishes the onsite report it can be print out on site, review ed in detail and the inspector will answer any and all question you may have. The inspector will also be happy to walk the property with you and point out anything you may a question about. Our inspectors will spend as much time as you need on site as you may need.  Later the inspector will spend another one to one and half hours downloading the pictures he has taken, resizing those pictures and put them into the individual sections of the report, he will then finalize the report and email the report to you and your Realtor. Typically, within about 4 hours of leaving the property. Of course, there is a lot more that happens than this short description, but this gives you a good idea of the thoroughness of the inspection. Most average 2,200 sqft slab homes the inspector spends 4 to 5 total hours in the inspection, preparing the report, taking pictures and attending to the pictures and going over the report with our clients. The inspector will include his or her direct phone number so that you may contact the inspector directly should you have any questions. The day after the inspection you can call the inspector if you should have any question or need help in any way. We'll also be happy to call your Realtor to make sure they are taken care of and answer any question they may have.  We are happy to provide any assistance you may need after the inspection forever. Do not hesitate in contacting us should you have any question that you think we could help you with. We consider you our client for life.

Things we found

Watch Crawlspace Leak saved our client 5.000.00 at least

Watch Foundation causes cracked bricks

Watch Plumbing venting problem

Watch Commode  valve harmonic Dallas home inspection

Commercial Inspections



With our experience with the commercial industry spans greatly from mixed-use residential, warehouses, offices, and retail spaces.  We found water penetration in multi-unit building and saved our client 36.000.00.

We Provide Exceptional Commercial Building Inspections and Services

Since 1999 we have provided a professional approach to the inspection of the homes, apartments, condos, mobile-homes, townhomes, and all kinds of commercial properties that you or your clients are purchasing, selling, leasing or renting.

We have been fully Licensed by The Texas Real Estate Commission since 1999 and are recognized as an expert witness.

We have represented 10’s of thousands of buyers, sellers, investors, tenants, landlords and builders by providing accurate inspections and unparalleled documentation.

Proudly providing inspections in Dallas County, Collin County, Rockwall County, and surrounding counties.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most thorough, intuitive, educational, and useful tool you have negotiating your position.


Systems Reviewed during the Inspection

The areas of concern will vary from one commercial property to another depending on age, usage and location. An office building, for example, is going to have very different requirements from a church or a apartment building. We'll check for problems, proper functionality, and obvious safety concerns. The list of systems we inspect includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • * Roof materials and installation
  • * Structure and foundation
  • * General Electrical panels and wiring
  • * General Plumbing fixtures
  • * General Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • * Roof structure and Attic areas
  • * Crawlspace, if present
  • * Parking and Pavement

Key Takeaway:

The goal of a commercial inspection is to provide the client with the information they need to enter into transaction negotiations with as much power in their possession as possible. In a negotiation, knowledge and documentation are power. Gathering this information is the process of due diligence and where commercial inspectors play a key role.

Commercial Services available

Shopping Centers & Strip Mall

Office Buildings,

Apartments & Condominium

Light Industrial Properties

Religious & Institutional Properties

Recreational Facilities & Sports Complexes

and others

Types of commercial leases

Triple Net Lease (NNN) (investopedia.com)

Dallas Top rated Home Inspectors - commercial office

We understand the due diligence process of commercial real estate transactions, the property condition assessment report is one of the most important aspects of the process before buying any building.

Dallas Home Inspections Company will provide the parties involved in commercial real estate transactions with the most comprehensive analysis of the property in a narrative type condition report with pictures that far surpass any inspection report available to the buyer of any commercial property.

Commercial Supervision and review

From the Ground Up

Dallas Home Inspection Co cement pour

Supervise pour of concrete

Tilt Walls Set

Dallas Best Home Inspectors consultant 7-10-19

Review proper anchoring and bracing

We review the proper installation

Dallas home inspections 200tilt set

Angle brace roof design supervised.

Dallas home Inspectors steel set

Cement structure construction

Dallas Best Home Inspectors consultant 7-10-19

Final completion review consulting

Dallas Home Inspection co final commcial review

Roof supervision and consulting

Dallas best Home Inspectors 200 commercial roof

Termite Inspections



Dallas Home Inspections Inspectors - have been serving the Dallas and Ft Worth community since 1999.  We specialize in Termite Inspections, training and education of inspectors. Offering detailed Wood Destroying Insect inspections and report, and our staff offers quality and reliable services. You can count on us . In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

Whether you need Termite Report or Property Inspection, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At Dallas Home Inspections, our goal is to provide you with professional, courteous, proficient service of the highest quality..

Please browse our web site or call us for more information about our services. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a professional Inspector regarding our services, please e-mail us at  or call us at 972-412-6656.

At Dallas Home Inspections Company, the client our priority.

What is a Termite Inspection?

Dallas Home Inspections Company “Wood Destroying Insect” Inspections include inspecting for Subterranean Termites, Drywood termites, Formosan termites, Carpenter Ants, and other wood destroying insects.  This is what you can expect during your wood destroying insect inspection, conducted by a professionally trained and educated Inspector:

  • 1. Starts with a comprehensive 1-hour to 2-hour inspection of the exterior and interior of the property.
  • 2. The detailed interior inspection includes inspection of all accessible areas of the garage and attic. This will also include all accessible baseboards, walls, windows, crawl spaces, door frames, and cabinets and closets.
  • 3. Special attention will be given to bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms because plumbing penetrations through the slab are the more common entry points for termites.
  • 4. A complete inspection of the exterior of your home for signs of an infestation and conditions that could possibly cause a termite infestation. 
  • 5. Official Wood Destroying Insect Report includes a detailed graph of your home that will show the locations of wood destroying insect evidence and any conditions conducive to infestations.
Dallas Home Inspections Company - Termites

Here the listing agent told us that the property was just inspected that afternoon by her best inspector. He had provided a termite report with no signs of any active termites and guaranteed that termites were not at this property. So she was expecting a clear report from us. We saved our clients $950.00, the cost of the entire inspection was under 500.00.

Watch termite swarm in Dallas Texas

Watch active termites in crawlspace look closet to center of screen